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Our welcome night and auditions will be held on the following dates :

Welcome Night : Friday 01st February 2019. 7:30pm.

Audition 1        : Sunday 03rd February 2019. 1:30pm.

Audition 2        : Wednesday 06th February 2019 7:30pm.

Audition 3        : Friday  08th February 2019 at 7:30pm.

Audition Call Backs if required will be held on Sunday 10th February.

The cast will be notified on Sunday 10th in the evening.

All rehearsals and auditions will be held at St James Church Hall, Avondale Drive, Lostock Hall. Preston.

Please note anyone taking part in the show will be required to pay a show fee of around £10 per person. This is payable once the show is cast and due at the first rehearsal along with all contact information.



Character Male or Female Main Songs Download
Narrator Male or Female   Narrator
Joseph Male Every Dream Will Do
Close Every Door
Jacob Male Solos in 2 Songs Jacob
Pharoah Male Song of the King Pharoah
Solo Brother 1 Male One More Angel Brothers
Solo Brother 2 Male Those Canaan Days Brothers
Solo Brother 3 Male Benjamin Calypso Brothers
Brothers Group Male / Female if needed   Brothers
Butler / Baker Male or Female   Butler & Baker
Mrs Potipar Female NON SINGING ROLE  
Adult Chorus Female   Female Chorus
Adult Chorus Male   Male Chorus
Childrens Chorus Male / Female   Children Chorus
Brothers : While there are 3 main solo songs for the brothers at points in several songs individual brothers are expected to be able to sing single lines on their own.
Adult chorus roles include : Brothers Wives, Ishmalites, Egyption Guards, Potipars Servants.

For the dance routine in One More Angel in Heaven and Those Canaan Days we will require several people with excelent dance skills. This is especially required for the Apache Dance during Those Canaan Days this is a very strict tango style dance with some comic elements.
Childrens Chorus will be seated on the front of the stage. Children will need to sing as a group and do open the second half singing a medley from the show on their own.

Due to copyright reasons we are unable to send out copies of the score or libretto as part of the audition material. However these are available online should you wish to search for them.